< ?php

// 1. Customize all the settings (stripe api key, email settings, email text)
// 2. Put this code somewhere where it's accessible by a URL on your server.
// 3. Add the URL of that location to the settings at https://manage.stripe.com/#account/webhooks
// 4. Have fun!

// set your secret key: remember to change this to your live secret key in production
// see your keys here https://manage.stripe.com/account

// retrieve the request's body and parse it as JSON
$body = @file_get_contents('php://input');
$event_json = json_decode($body);

// for extra security, retrieve from the Stripe API
$event_id = $event_json->id;
$event = Stripe_Event::retrieve($event_id);

// This will send receipts on succesful invoices
if $event->type == 'invoice.payment_succeeded' {

function email_invoice_receipt($invoice) {
$customer = Stripe_Customer::retrieve($invoice->customer);

//Make sure to customize your from address
$subject = 'Your payment has been received';
$headers = 'From: "MyApp Support" < support@myapp.com>';

mail($customer->email, $subject, message_body(), $headers);

function format_stripe_amount($amount) {
return sprintf('$%0.2f', $amount / 100.0);

function format_stripe_timestamp($timestamp) {
return strftime("%m/%d/%Y", $timestamp);

function payment_received_body($invoice, $customer) {
$subscription = $invoice->lines->subscriptions[0];
return < <'EOF'
Dear {$customer->email}:

This is a receipt for your subscription. This is only a receipt,
no payment is due. Thanks for your continued support!


Email: {$customer->email}
Plan: {$subscription->plan->name}
Amount: {format_stripe_amount($invoice->total)} (USD)

For service between {format_stripe_timestamp($subscription->period->start)} and {format_stripe_timestamp($subscription->period->end)}