Our Story

Founder, Amber Givens  Photo credit Crimson Rain Photography

Owner, Becky Smith

Owner, Becky Smith

In 2012, I started researching ways to better serve my family through healthy eating and chemical-free living.  As I researched, I came across the idea of washable period pads.  At first the idea was so foreign to me that I quickly dismissed it.  After considering the concept for a while, I began to research the options available on the market today.  Nothing seemed to fit my scrupulous requirements for functionality yet dignified beauty.  Thus, research and development of Peepods began.  As our company has evolved, we have not wavered from our original vision of creating something that is not only functional but beautiful.

As Peepods started to gain popularity, I received many inquiries as to whether these pads could be used by women for mild incontinence.  Upon fielding these questions, I began researching the need for a washable incontinence pad.  I could find nothing to meet the needs of a large population of women who suffer daily from mild incontinence.  I found that many women suffer quietly from depression and an altered social life due to the embarrassment of incontinence.

My conviction that all women must be treated with dignity, regardless of their physical condition or age was further reinforced when my grandmother came to live with our family a few years ago.  She was wheelchair bound and completely incontinent, so my 13 year old daughter and I worked together diligently to meet her needs. While performing daily tasks of diapering, bathing, dressing and feeding, it required a lot of thought and creativity to bring dignity to her life, which has carried over into our vision for Peepods.

Today our owner Becky Smith continues the Peepods tradition and works to bring even more color and confidence to women. Her daughter-in-law, Emily, has joined the team helping to make the website easy to navigate and providing assistance wherever she is needed.

At Peepods, we want to help make a difference in the lives of women, and we are thrilled to offer a product that is absorbent, beautiful and comfortable all in one!