"When traveling long distances, or not knowing how long it will be before the next potty stop, I snap in a pretty and comfy Peepod.  The combination of beauty and function makes them a perfect addition to my undergarment, not the “bulky white disposable”.  I no longer worry about being embarrassed when I open my overnight bag.  Because these pads wash and dry out quickly for simple reuse, I never worry about running out of supplies while traveling or camping."  –  Wendy S.

"These washable pads are truly amazing! I personally feel embarrassed when I have to buy women's hygiene products at the store, so having Peepods is such a blessing. All you have to do is throw them in your washing machine and you can use them again! It is also a money saver! I am so glad that I own Period Peepods."  –  Anna H.

"These Peepod cloth nursing pads are great. They are thin enough to be discreet, but hold all the little leaks.  I would have spent twice as much on disposables in all the time I've been wearing Peepod Nursing Pads.  It's wonderful to know that no nasty chemicals are coming in contact with my body or my baby.  They wash easily by hand or in the washer and dryer."  –  Krista Herling

"I just wanted to let you know that I am now using my new pads and I am loving them. I appreciate that I don't ruin underwear by having to rip off sticky pads or panty liners.  I've ruined a few good pair of underwear by ripping off the gusset lining when removing those sticky pads. I also love the fact that Peepod’s snapped wings perfectly covers any elastic in the crotch area of the panty that usually ends up digging into your skin...not anymore!!  Much more comfortable now!!  Thanks for a great product, I'm enjoying this healthier approach to feminine hygiene!"  –  Marilyn V

"Well my little guy arrived 2 1/2 weeks early, but on the bright side I guess that means I got to use your postpartum and period products earlier then expected as well. So far I love them. I purchased 2 postpartum sets, 3 sets of regular menstrual pads, and panty liners. The heavy flow and regular flow pads are fabulous! I have issues with irritation in regards to disposable pads and thought I'd give these a chance. I had no idea a product like this was even out there. They look great with nice colors and fabric.  Easy to launder, easy to use, just toss them in a cold water jar and add in with the rest of your laundry. I prefer to air dry mine, but put in the dryer on low to softened and fluff for the next use. The breast pads that came with the postpartum set are great as well. The nursing pads are soft and form nicely to the shape of your breast with no bumps to irritate you. A+++ for this product. I have a feeling I will be purchasing more soon"  -  Kim D.